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Phone – 817-755-0034

Join in one of the most entertaining and exciting actives you can book for your party, festival,  fundraiser, or any event where you want to add a thrilling experience!  Go beyond the jump house or the clown for your birthday party, and instead let the guests join in the action.

Mobile laser tag is similar to paintball but without the pain or the mess which makes it perfect for all ages and locations! Our taggers have cutting edge technology that allows for play indoors, outdoors, in the sun, or in the dark.  They can accommodate almost any type of playing field.  For the most part an area about the size of a basketball court works great!

Not to mention we will take care of facilitating the games, setting up the arena and tearing everything down when its done. There is NO WORK FOR YOU!

We will come to your location and supply everything you need for an amazing, action packed adventure that your guest will never forget!

Join us in an Adventure of a Lifetime!



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